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Lesson Learned 3: There is no safety net!

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We moved into our homestead in April. By early May, I ordered chicks and by the end of the month I had a half acre garden tilled and was working on fencing. I was winging it and occasionally consulting my parents for advice. It’s amazing I did not kill any of my chickens. I did kill most of my garden. You cannot just stick a plant in the ground and expect to grow well. It may very well grow; but not well.

Remember what I said about know what your resources were? What do you know? What do you not know? It’s the second that will get you…the first will too!

Start reasonable. What’s reasonable? Well that depends on your circumstances. We were two city kids, one with some very basic farm knowledge, a new baby and a lot of dreams and ideas. Did I tackle too much my first season – ABSOLUTELY! In retrospect, I might have scaled back that garden a bit – 2, 20×20 plots. The chickens were on the right track, though. They are the gateway farm animal. Chickens don’t need a lot of your time or attention. Give them food, water, and a safe place and they give you eggs! Too many roosterscountryside-house-farm-fence.jpg and you get meat! Win-Win!

In homesteading, there is no safety net….but there are a lot of fences. And that’s kind of the same thing!

Those are my 3 lessons learned. Did I learn others? Of course! Will there be more? You betcha!

Next Post: There’s always tomorrow…


One thought on “Lesson Learned 3: There is no safety net!

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