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Lesson Learned 2: Be prepared to hunt for your homestead

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So you know what you want for a homestead. Hopefully, you have lists and lists and lists. Did you prioritize the lists? What are your needs versus your wants? Whatever that list is, scale it down to the basics.

Those needs that you will NOT compromise on.

That’s where you start hunting for your perfect homestead and what a hunt it will be!

Be prepared to hunt for your homestead. My family had uprooted ourselves, drove 600 miles and moved into a hotel with a baby and three dogs while we were looking for a new place to live.

The first home we looked at was perfect – it was a secluded log cabin off a country dirt road. Ten beautiful acres, a good sized barn, a garage, and paddocks ready to go. It even had a generator already! We were outbid.

The second house we found was almost as good and guess what happened – we lost it again.

Finally, we found a perfect 18th century home. It had land and a HUGE barn. We placed a bid and we won. Third times a charm right! Except the barn roof was a mess and the bank would not approve the loan until the roof was fixed. Neither the current owner nor we had the funds – bye bye house.

By this time, we had moved from the hotel to a microscopic rental. It took us nearly four months to find our current homestead. Out of the blue, a newish home popped up with 26 acres. By all appearances, it was turn-key and the only issue was it didn’t have a barn, and the land had some challenges (there’s not much flat land in New England). It was ours!

Don’t be discouraged. Keep looking. Find the place that is meant to be yours and after a few years, it’ll start to be the dream you imagined.

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One thought on “Lesson Learned 2: Be prepared to hunt for your homestead

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