Growing Home Again

What’s your living situation going to be?

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There was an old woman who lived in a shoe…

You can’t live in a shoe and whatever housing you choose have constraints, pros, cons, whatever you want to call it. Will your homestead already have a home built? Are you going to build your home after purchasing your homestead? Who’s going to live in your home? What are the laws cabin-1081847_1920surrounding habitation on the land you hope to purchase? Will your home be on the grid or off the grid? Are utilities already in place?

Before proceeding, remember the grid on experience?  Your options here are going to be limited or enhanced by your personal knowledge. Building a log home from scratch is a very good idea, but are you capable of doing it in a reasonable amount of time? A ready built house is convenient but will it meet all of your needs?

Also, make sure you consider local laws, zoning and miscellaneous ordinances. You may very well have the ability to build a home from the ground up, but where are you going to live while building that home? Is a tent acceptable? An RV? Are you legally required to be grid tied?

Next Lessons Learned series post: Are you and your family capable of living up to your plan?


One thought on “What’s your living situation going to be?

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