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Can you harvest natural resources?

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Running a homestead is an expensive hobby. I get it, it’s not really a hobby, it’s a way of life. Farming, homesteading, whatever you want to call it comes with awful hours, no days off, no medical or dental and the money isn’t that great either. One thing to consider when purchasing a homestead or spinning one up – how are you going to pay the bills? Will you have an off-farm/homestead job? (Probably) If you’re lucky though, you’ll have enough natural resource on your land to sustainably and ethically harvest and sell.

What resources are available to you? piggy-bank

  • Hay fields
  • Woodlots for timber
  • Wind and solar power
  • Hiking or Biking Trails
  • Land clear via goats

Get creative! Check out what the USDA has to offer or call your extension and see how they can help you build up your resource to make more money and pay those pesky bills while your homestead is growing into self-sufficiency!

Next Lessons Learned series post: What’s your living situation going to be?


One thought on “Can you harvest natural resources?

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