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What traditional and non-traditional resources are available? (Part 2)

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The two remaining sources are some of the largest pools available and the information and tools: the internet and the USDA.

Internet – We’ve all spent some time on Dr. Internet. Have a runny nose, a headache and a scratch on your left big toe? You either have a mild virus and a scratch OR are infected with MRSA should get your will in place – yesterday!

Homesteading is the same way. Everybody who owns a homestead, a farm, a garden or a gerbil has advice to give and/or take. Chances are – that’s how you ended up here reading this blog and my advice. Right?

Start collecting blogs, websites, and other resources you can find that will help you on your way. I have mine bookmarked according to topic:

  • Self Reliance
  • Gardening
  • Animals
  • Pest Control
  • Inspirational

There are sites that I reference all too frequently – saving and printing topics is always a great idea too! I ran into a 404 error today while preparing links for this blog and am glad I printed that resource a while back!

Last but not least, look for blogs and videos from other homesteaders and gardeners. Support them and share what works for you!

USDA – The United States Department of Agriculture is a treasure trove of information. From New Farmers to experienced homesteaders. Slide1.JPG

There’s something for everybody. Countless pages of information and experience. Direction for those who want to market their produce – nobody wants an unexpected visit from their friendly USDA inspector!

There’s also a lot of free money available that sits unclaimed every year. You already pay taxes and might as well get some of it back!

The USDA even has a site devoted to New Farmers! Check it out – take what you need and leave the rest!

Next Lessons Learned series post: Do you want to garden?


One thought on “What traditional and non-traditional resources are available? (Part 2)

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