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So you want to buy a homestead

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My family had uprooted ourselves, drove 600 miles and moved into a hotel with a baby and three dogs while we were looking for a new place to live. Yes, dear reader – we were nuts. Some might argue that we are still a bit off our proverbial rockers!

Starting out, we had some general ideas what we wanted but nothing concrete. Our lack of planning made our hunt a little more difficult – we did not know what we were going to raise, how much land we needed, the type of land, etc….to say we were greenhorns would be an understatement. Our shopping list included: home with 3+ bedrooms, barn, and at least 10 acres that were preferably flat.

Lesson Learned 1: Have a plan and preferably before you buy. I often look back at our home search and shake my head at our naivety. We lucked out in what we purchased. I know me quite well (and so does my husband – but don’t tell him I said so) and realize that I did not have a clue what I was doing. If you’re like us, the best you can do is map out your knowns and figure out the unknowns along the way.
If you don’t have a homestead already, sit down and decide what you want to do with your homestead and what you can do with your homestead.

  • What experience do you have?
  • What traditional and non-traditional resources are available?
  • Do you want to garden?
  • Will you raise livestock?
  • Can you harvest natural resources?
  • What’s your living situation going to be?
  • Are you and your family capable of living up to your plan?

If you have a homestead today – congratulations!!! It still wouldn’t hurt to sit down and ask yourselves the question above. What other questions should those new to homestead ask before they take the leap? What question should those already on the farm ask themselves today to have a better tomorrow?

Next Lessons Learned series post: What experience do you have?


One thought on “So you want to buy a homestead

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