Growing Home Again

From Pumps to Pasture

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Six years ago today I bought my last pair of designer pumps. I noticed them this morning and the receipt was still in the box. Shortly after making that purchase I found out I was pregnant with my oldest son and my life started to change – one new cell at a time. We went from eating in upscale wine bars to purchasing a 26-acre homestead in northern New England.

What could possibly go wrong when two city kids buy a homestead?

A lot! I hope to provide some wisdom and lessons for those in the market for a homestead and commiserate with others who jumped in the deep in like we did. You can still swim in the deep in, just have to kick a bit harder!

Purchasing a homestead is a big step for anyone. My advice is to go slow, seek wise counsel, plan ahead, and be ready to learn on the fly – we did!  I would not change our lives one bit. Each obstacle has made us wiser and added to the collective knowledge under our belts. Our boys have nearly unlimited space to explore and I cannot even imagine what adventures they will have as they grow up.

Next Blog Post: So you want to buy a homestead…


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